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Open Account Online FAQ

What do I need to apply?

Please have the following information on hand when you begin your application:
Your Social Security number
Your current residential address
Your email address
Co-applicant's personal information (if applicable)
You will also be asked to answer several questions to verify ID.

How do I make the initial deposit for an account once it has been opened?

The initial savings deposit of $0.01, provided by SRP FCU, will be automatically entered into your Primary Savings account when your membership is opened.

If you wish to deposit additional funds to your savings or checking accounts, there are a couple online options:

1. External Transfers - Log onto SRP Online and click the External Transfers tab, available to qualified memberships 1 - 2 business days after SRP Online has been activated, to transfer funds electronically from your accounts at other credit unions or banks. Initial setup required.

2. Mobile Deposit - Available to qualified accounts. Use the SRP Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet to deposit a check to your SRPFCU checking account.

How long will it take to open my account online?

The online application and approval time is an estimated 3-5 minute process. You will receive immediate notification that your application is approved along with your account number or. You will then be directed to enroll in SRP Online.

What is SRP Online?

SRP Online lets you access your accounts and process transactions over the Internet with a secure connection 24 hours a day. At your convenience, you can check balances, view or download histories, retrieve canceled checks, access 18 months worth of eStatements, transfer funds to savings, checking or loan accounts, apply for a loan, receive Account Alerts, and more!

Will I be allowed to add joint owners?

Yes; however, the joint will be required to be on all of the shares opened.

Will I be allowed to add a beneficiary?

Yes; however, the beneficiary will be required to be on all of the shares opened.

What happens if I fail to answer the ID questions correctly? Can I try again?

No. The application will be referred to Deposit Services, who will contact you the next business day.

Where will I find my ABA routing number and MICR numbers for setting up Direct Deposit and ACH deposits or drafts?

The ABA routing number and the MICR numbers can be found in the "Additional Services" tab in SRP Online.

If I have further questions, what can I do?

Send an email to onlinebranch@srpfcu.org

Email is NOT a secure form of communication. Please DO NOT include the following personal information in your emails to SRP Federal Credit Union: your personal account number, Social Security number, PIN numbers, or passwords. For secure email access, please use the "Credit Union Message Board" on SRP Online, our online banking service.