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How do I join the Frugal Freddie Club Account?

This hands-on approach to teaching children about saving money offers rewards for reaching specified savings balances. When you open your childs Frugal Freddie Club account, your child will become a member of SRP and receive a T-shirt and his/her own membership card!

Earn Cool Stuff!

Each time you make a deposit and when you reach certain levels, SRP will give you some really cool stuff like:

Deposit Reward
Initial $0.01 deposit to open account T-shirt & Membership Card
For each Deposit of $25.00 or greater 2" ruler, Neon Pencil, or Bookjacket
$100.00 Level Sticker Sheet or Neon Pen
$200.00 Level Custom Frugal Freddie Coloring and Activity Book
$400.00 Level Money Pen or Frisbee
$600.00 Level Sports bottle or Book Bag
$800.00 Level Frugal Freddie Stuffed Animal and Certificate of Achievement