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Mobile Bill Pay FAQ

Is there a cost for Mobile Bill Pay?

No, Mobile Bill Pay is free!

I have a Mobile Bill Pay tab, but when I click it, the screen is blank, or I get an error message. Why?

You are not currently enrolled in Bill Pay. For security reasons, you cannot sign up for Bill Pay, nor can you add a new payee or set up a recurring payment, through Mobile Bill Pay. To activate Bill Pay and add payees, please log into the full-service Bill Pay site through SRP Online. As soon as you've activated Bill Pay, your Mobile Bill Pay tab will be operational.

I just added a payee on the full Bill Pay site, but it's not showing in Mobile Bill Pay. What's going on?

Some payees must be activated on the bill pay system before they can receive payments. Typically, this will happen when you add an individual as a payee instead of a company or business. As soon as the payee has 'Approved' status, it will be available in Mobile Bill Pay. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Payees that are automatically 'Approved' (utility companies, large and small businesses, etc.) will appear in Mobile Bill Pay as soon as they've been added in Bill Pay.