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Your Partner Against Identity Theft

No one can prevent all identity theft, so staying informed and knows what to do when your identity is threatened can give you greater peace of mind. ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock™ helps provide you with tools so you can act quickly!

To sign up for this new feature, please start by doing the following:

  1. Cardholders go to www.cardbenefitidproctect.com and enter the 16-digit VISA credit card number to confirm eligibility.
  2. Upon confirmation, the cardholder is redirected to a custom NortonLifeLock landing page for benefit enrollment.
  3. Cardholder enters their personal information for monitoring and receive a confirmation of enrollment.

This Benefit Provides:

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Credit, Bank & Untility Acount Freezes
  • Stolen Wallet Assistance
  • One-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Restoration Assistance