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SRP Mobile FAQ

What is SRP Mobile?

SRP Mobile enables you to perform financial transactions using a mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop PC. The most common transactions are: Balance inquiries; account inquiries with cancelled check images; account transfers; free bill pay; and mobile deposit for qualified accounts.

How much does SRP Mobile cost?

There is no cost - it is FREE!

Is SRP Mobile the same as SRP Online?

No! SRP Mobile and SRP Online are two entirely different products. SRP Mobile is actually a suite of different solutions that allow you to access your accounts easily and quickly via an Internet-accessible phone, smartphone, or other mobile device. Included under the SRP Mobile umbrella is our mobile browser solution, as well as a number of downloadable apps. For more information, please see questions 4, 5, and 10. When logging into SRP Mobile, you are not accessing SRP Online, our online banking site. SRP Online is a more robust product with more functionality and features than SRP Mobile, and it is designed to be accessed through your desktop or laptop PC or Mac.

How do I download the SRP Mobile application?

Simply search "SRP Mobile" in your device's App Store.

What type of accounts can be accessed through SRP Mobile?

SRP Mobile provides access to all of your accounts, including any cross-accounts that have been set up in advance. First Mortgages will have limited inquiry access only.

I'm confused. SRP Mobile is displaying two different balances for the same account. Why?

SRP Mobile displays both your actual balance and your available balance. Your available balance is your actual balance minus any active account holds caused by debit card purchases, check holds, etc. Please note that not all debit card purchases or written checks are deducted from the balance shown. For an accurate balance, please keep an updated checkbook register.

What are the requirements for SRP Mobile?

You must be enrolled in SRP Online, our online banking product, before you can use SRP Mobile. In addition, you must have a current, valid email address on file with SRP, and your phone must have a data plan with Internet access through any carrier.

Which devices are supported?

a. The SRP Mobile browser solution (Wireless Application Protocol or WAP) works on all phones with a modern Web browser.

b. In addition, SRP Mobile Applications are available on the following devices:

Android phones/tablets
iOS (Apple) phones/tablets

Is SRP Mobile Secure?

Yes! There are several security components that we've put in place to prevent an unauthorized person from accessing your account.

-Our app encrypts your password information from end to end to protect it.

-It uses the same password that you set up in Online Banking (SRP Online), and it requires it every time you log in. The password is not saved to the phone in case the device is lost or stolen. (Please refer to question 12 for more information about what to do if your mobile device is lost or stolen.)

-The password is masked so you will see dots instead of characters when typing it in. This prevents someone from viewing your password as you type it in your phone.

-Alternately, you can log in with fingerprint verification on Touch ID-enabled devices.

-There is an automatic log-out time of 10 minutes. In other words, after 10 minutes of inactivity, it requires you to log in again. (Please refer to question 12 for more information.)

-Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), an additional login security feature, requires you to register your device with SRP FCU's servers. To do that, the system sends a one-time PIN (OTP) to the email address on file under your account. To verify you are the owner of that account, you must type the one-time PIN on the PIN page the first time you log in.

-Finally, we separate the user database from the server that communicates with the app. This means that your information is just as secure as it is on all of our other servers and is housed behind a firewall.

What if I forget to exit SRP Mobile?

When accessing SRP Mobile, if there is no activity after ten minutes, you will be automatically timed-out.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

-Contact your mobile carrier immediately to have the device disabled (this is recommended whenever a phone or other mobile device is lost, even if it isn't used for mobile banking)

-Login to SRP Online to change your username and password.

-Contact the Online Services Help Line at (803) 278-4851 to disable mobile access.

What is an OTP?

'OTP' stands for One-Time PIN. For added security, the first time you login to SRP Mobile, the system will send a message to your email address of record, containing a system-generated PIN. Retrieve the message from your Inbox, note down the PIN, and return to the SRP Mobile login screen. Once there, type in the OTP on the PIN page and select Verify to access your accounts. Please note that you will only need the OTP the first time you access SRP Mobile. After that, you will login using your regular SRP Online username and password.

Help! I'm logging in for the first time, and the system sent my one-time PIN (OTP) to an old email address. What do I do now?

The system sends your OTP to the email address that we have on file for your account. If that email address is no longer correct, please update it so a new OTP can be issued. To change your email address, please do one of the following:

Login to SRP Online on your PC or laptop. Click the 'Other Options' menu, then select 'Change Address/Email' to update your Primary Email Address;


Fax a signed note requesting that we update your email address to (803) 510-3840;


Stop by any branch location for assistance.

After you have updated your email address, please call us at (803) 278-4851 to reset SRP Mobile so the system can issue a new OTP to the updated email address.

I have a smartphone, but I use a tablet, too. Can I get SRP Mobile on both devices?

Yes! In fact, you can register up to 3 different devices to access your accounts through SRP Mobile. If you need to register more than 3 devices, please call the Online Services Help Line at (803) 278-4851.

Do I use the same one-time PIN (OTP) to register all my mobile devices?

No. You will be issued a new OTP for each mobile device you register. To register additional devices, simply log in on that device to generate a new OTP. Please note that if you do not use an OTP to register within 48 hours of issue, it will expire.

Where can I get more information?

For further information, please call our Online Services Help Line at (803) 278-4851 during regular business hours.

Who do I call if there is a problem?

For assistance, please call our Online Services Help Line at (803) 278-4851 during regular business hours.