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Touch Your Money Everyday (TYME). That’s what SRP Federal Credit Union’s 24-hour automated telephone response system allows you to do. With this free service, you can access your accounts from any touch-tone phone at your convenience. All you need is your account (member) number. The automated response system will walk you through the initial setup, and then guide you through your transactions.

Through TYME Line you can perform transactions such as:

  • Transfers
  • Loan payments
  • Withdrawals by check
  • Line-of-Credit advances by transfer or check
  • Balance inquiries
  • History inquiries
  • Much more


TYME Line Instructions

  • (803) 278-5590
    (803) 648-9340
    1 (800) 554-8963

1. Dial TYME Line by one of the numbers listed above. The system will greet you.

2. Enter your Account Number followed by the # sign.

3. You will be prompted to create your Personal Access Code. Please enter your new access code, followed by the # sign.

4. Our New Security Feature is the addition of a Secondary Access Code. To establish your secondary access code, do the following:

Once you have entered your Personal Access Code, you will be prompted to create a new secondary access code, followed by the # sign.

After both Access Codes have been created, the system will prompt you to authenticate yourself:

Enter your full 9-digit social security number for verification, followed by the # sign.

Note: Your secondary access code cannot match your primary access code.