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Wire Transfers

If you need to move money in a safe and expeditious manner, wire transfers are the solution. You may transfer money to any financial institution in the United States for a nominal fee. SRP Federal Credit Union accepts incoming wires at no cost. To set up a wire you must call in to our Contact Center or stop by a Branch.

View the instructions below on how to setup a wire transfer.

Incoming Wire Transfer:

  • Bank Name: SRPFCU (Savannah River Plant Federal Credit Union)
  • Wire Transfer Routing Number: 253278090
  • Account Holder Name: The Name as it appears on your account.
  • Account Number: The MICR Number for the account or loan to receive funds
  • Bank Address, with City & State: SRPFCU 1070 Edgefield Rd. North Augusta, SC 29860 (regardless of where your account is located)


Outgoing Wire Transfer:

  • Bank Name address, City & State: The Receiving Institution Name
  • Routing Transit Number: The Receiving Instituion Routing Number
  • Bank Address, City & State: The Name and Address for the Receiving Institution
  • Beneficiary Account Number: The Beneficiary Account Number at the Receiving Institution
  • Beneficiary Address: The Address which the Beneficiary Resides
  • Beneficiary Name: The Beneficiary Name at the Receiving Institution


Wire Purpose: What is the Reason for the Wire

International Wires: Do Not Process


Wire Transfer Fees for SRP Federal Credit Union
Incoming: Personal Account $0.00
Incoming: Business Account $20.00
Outgoing: Personal Account $20.00
Outgoing: Business Account $20.00