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Understanding Your Credit, an Educational Video Series Brought to You by FICO

When it comes to credit, more informed consumers are generally more empowered to make positive changes to their credit habits and behaviors. That’s why we’re excited to make you aware of an education video series from FICO—Understanding Your Credit.

People sometimes find credit confusing and complex. We’ve created these six targeted videos to help people better understand credit and FICO® Score basics:

Understanding Your Credit Report

Credit reports are the foundation of your FICO® Scores, but what are they exactly? Watch this video to find out which information on your credit reports does and doesn't impact your scores. Plus, see how checking your credit reports for accuracy can help you protect against potential identity theft.


What is a FICO® Score?

Every day, thousands of U.S. lenders (90% of the top U.S. lenders!) use FICO® Scores to make more well-informed credit-granting decisions. But what does that mean for individuals? And why is it important to understand how lenders use them?

This video takes a look at what a FICO® Score is and why it matters to consumers and lenders alike. Watch to learn how FICO® Scores streamline the lending process, making it faster and fairer.


What goes into a FICO® Score?

Whether applying for a credit card, mortgage, or auto loan, there’s a good chance the lender is using FICO® Scores to help make their approval decision. The good news is, FICO® Scores are ultimately in the individual’s hands—as they’re based on the person’s credit habits and behaviors.

That’s why understanding what goes into FICO® Scores is a vital part of a person’s credit health. Watch this video to learn the five key categories that factor into FICO® Scores.


Managing Your FICO® Scores

Having access to affordable credit is an obtainable goal for most individuals, but it can take time, perseverance and a well thought out plan. This video highlights the importance of understanding one’s FICO® Scores and introduces the viewer to various credit score dynamics and the potential impacts they can have on a credit score.

Which Credit Scores Matter

There are a lot of entities in the marketplace offering credit empowerment services that include credit scores. Are these scores versions that lenders actually use? Are these scores an actual representation of a person’s credit risk? It can be confusing. This video highlights the importance of understanding your FICO® Scores, the scores most commonly used by U.S. lenders.


How Lenders Use FICO® Scores

Lenders use FICO® Scores within many decisions across the consumer credit lifecycle (targeting, underwriting and customer management). This video explores some of the more common lender uses in mortgage, auto and credit card lending as well as other information that may factor into their lending decisions.



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