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There's no time like the present to skip your loan payment.   SRP Federal Credit Union's Skip-A-Pay program makes it easy to find the extra cash you need.  For as low as $25, you can select your eligible SRP loan and skip your payment!  Simply logon to SRP Online or SRP Moblie, select Skip-A-Pay from the Transfer & Pay options and complete the request, or give us a call at 1-800-237-9829. 


Skip-A-Pay Guidelines

What is Skip-A-Pay

Now you have the option to skip a loan payment without impacting your credit rating. A Skip-A-Pay gives you the option to defer one monthly payment each rolling 12-month period on any eligible SRP Federal Credit Union (SRP FCU) loan. By skipping a loan payment it will extend the term of the loan, interest continues to accrue, and the final loan payment may be different due to the skipped payment. All other terms and conditions of the loan will remain the same and regular payments resume the following month or billing cycle immediately following the skipped payment. 

How Skip-A-Pay Works

Complete the Skip-A-Pay request online or in one of our convenient branch locations.  A $25.00 Skip-A-Pay Fee will be withdrawn from your SRP FCU checking or savings account only.  If the skipped loan payment is scheduled for automatic transfer, SRP FCU will advance my next scheduled automatic transfer date for the loan payment. The Skip-a-Pay request can only be used for the specific loan and only one skipped payment each rolling 12 month period up to a maximum of six will be allowed.  Loans payments can be skipped for loans paid by external ACH transfer or bill payment, but SRP FCU is not responsible if the external ACH transfer or bill payment is not cancelled timely and the loan payment is processed. 

What Loans Are Eligible

Types eligible for a Skip-A-Pay include signature, vehicle and recreational vehicle loans.

What loan types are not eligible

Types not eligible include mortgage loans (including home equity loans), credit cards, lines of credit, business loans, 12 month and single pay loans.

What Qualifies An Eligible Loan for Skip A Pay

  • Must have a minimum of 5 months of payment history
  • No more than (1) 31-60 day late count on each loan 
  • Any loan under the membership cannot be past due more than 10 calendar days
  • The due date cannot be paid ahead more than 60 days
  • The monthly loan payment must be a minimum of $50
  • Certain loan warnings may restrict a skip payment


SRP FCU should receive your Skip-A-Pay and confirm your eligibility (7) business days before the due date of the payment(s) if you want to ensure your automatic transfers, ACH, or Bill Payments are postponed in a timely manner.  If your request is not received a timely manner, your normal monthly payment may be debited on the normal due date.


Skip A Pay Terms and Conditions